At HGH Therapy Clinic we provide individual care and treatment for each of our patients since 2006. We have become a nationally-recognized hormone replacement clinic that provides high-quality services for over 1000 patients per year.

Today, we diagnose patients in 29 locations over the US. We have a strong presence in health assessment and laboratory tests. In addition, we always invest in technology and information for our patients and doctors. There are various branches of operation, and different specialties in our clinics combined by principles, values and a common challenge: to overcome the ‘impossible’ in every way possible.

Our mission at HGH Therapy Clinic is to provide effective and accessible treatment for people who need us. We’ve developed principles and vision we always follow and want to share them with our patients.

Our Principles

We believe in partnering with our patients to be preventative with their care which empowers our patients to take control of their care. We want our patients healthy, functional, and happy.

We are not a volume-driven clinic. We will make whatever changes necessary to retain the quality of our care and availability regardless of growth.

We keep our offices small and simple. We do not invest in expensive distractions. You came to get the best treatment at the best price and we do not want to disappoint you.

We will recognize the difference between a health fad and current accurate research. We will always learn and implement only effective science-backed and FDA-approved treatment.

All that matters is the result. We design our treatment plans individually for each patient, with the patient’s goals in mind.

We will not jump to conclusions about a patient’s care. We will get the hard facts first and do the right thing for the patient.

As you know hormones play a vital role in our lives as they affect your metabolism, brain functions, physical ability and more. As you age, your natural hormone production starts to decrease and could lead to hormone deficiency what could be extremely dangerous whether not be treated by a qualified doctor with prescribed HGH therapy.

We will help you with the proper guidance and provide you with the literature you need to make an informed decision. You can start living your life with energy, enthusiasm, and exuberance. We are a leading hormone replacement center because we provide safe and healthy hormone replacement therapy.

Our mission

Here at HGH Therapy Clinic we help you to return your hormone balance with efficient and affordable treatment. Our highest quality of customer service is delivered by medical experts in more than 29 states.

Our staff includes certified doctors who provide safe and effective hormone replacement therapy and dedicated to helping you with your health improvement.

Get in touch with us to schedule a private, complimentary consultation absolutely for free!